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  • Auditions-10th day

    Auditions-10th day 11.12.2016

  • Auditions-10th day-Blic groups

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  • Auditions - 8th day

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  • Auditions-8th day-Blic

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  • Auditions-8th day-Gevorg Davtyan

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  • Auditions - 8th day-Alexan Manukyan

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  • Auditions - 7th day

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  • Auditions-7th day-Blic

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  • Auditions-7th day-Rafael Badalyan

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  • Auditions-7th day-Raya Hakobyan

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  • Auditions-7th day- Hasmik Hakobyan

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  • Auditions - 5th day

    Auditions - 5th day 13.11.2016

  • Auditions-6th day-Blic

    Auditions-6th day-Blic 13.11.2016

  • Auditions-6th day-Valeria Baltaeva

    Auditions-6th day-Valeria Baltaeva 13.11.2016

  • Auditions-6th day-Yeghishe Aghajanyan

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  • Auditions-6th day-Harutyun Hakobyan

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  • Auditions - 5th day

    Auditions - 5th day 30.10.2016

  • Auditions-5th day-Blic

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  • Auditions-5th day-Ani Groigoryan

    Auditions-5th day-Ani Groigoryan 06.11.2016

  • Auditions-5th day-Vahram Yanikyan

    Auditions-5th day-Vahram Yanikyan 06.11.2016

  • Auditions-5th day-Misak Voskanyan

    Auditions-5th day-Misak Voskanyan 06.11.2016

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  • Auditions - 4th day

    Auditions - 4th day 30.10.2016

  • Auditions-4th day-Blic

    Auditions-4th day-Blic 30.10.2016

  • Auditions-4th day-Aram Nazinyan

    Auditions-4th day-Aram Nazinyan 30.10.2016

  • Auditions-4th day-Yuri Vardanyan

    Auditions-4th day-Yuri Vardanyan 30.10.2016

  • Auditions-4th day-Edgar Ghandilyan

    Auditions-4th day-Edgar Ghandilyan 30.10.2016

  • Auditions-4th day-Abraham Khublaryan

    Auditions-4th day-Abraham Khublaryan 30.10.2016

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    Diary 29.10.2016

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    Diary 27.10.2016

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    Diary 25.10.2016

  • Auditions - 3th day

    Auditions - 3th day 23.10.2016

  • Auditions-3th day-Blic

    Auditions-3th day-Blic 23.10.2016

  • Auditions-3th day-Blic

    Auditions-3th day-Blic 23.10.2016

  • Auditions-3th day-David Chakhalyan

    Auditions-3th day-David Chakhalyan 23.10.2016

  • Auditions-3th day-Angel Barseghyan

    Auditions-3th day-Angel Barseghyan 23.10.2016

  • Auditions-3th day-Anahit Harutyunyan ev Aram Gasparyan

    Auditions-3th day-Anahit Harutyunyan ev Aram Gasparyan 23.10.2016

  • Diary

    Diary 22.10.2016

  • Castings - 2nd day-Hasmik Karapetyan-Emely Sande-Clown

    Castings - 2nd day-Hasmik Karapetyan-Emely Sande-Clown 16.10.2016

  • Diary

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  • Castings - 2nd day-Seryog Ejmiatsinski

    Castings - 2nd day-Seryog Ejmiatsinski 16.10.2016

  • Castings - 1

    Castings - 1 16.10.2016

  • Castings - 2nd day-Emanuel Baghdasaryan

    Castings - 2nd day-Emanuel Baghdasaryan 16.10.2016

  • Castings - 2nd day Alina Hovsepyan-CeCe Winans-Hallelujah Praise

    Castings - 2nd day Alina Hovsepyan-CeCe Winans-Hallelujah Praise 16.10.2016

  • Diary

    Diary 18.10.2016

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  • Castings - 1st day

    Castings - 1st day 09.10.2016

  • Diary

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  • Castings - 1

    Castings - 1 09.10.2016

  • Castings - 1

    Castings - 1 09.10.2016

  • Castings - 2nd day

    Castings - 2nd day 16.10.2016

  • Castings - 1st day Hovhannes Gevorgyan

    Castings - 1st day Hovhannes Gevorgyan 17.10.2016

  • Castings - 1st day Tyom

    Castings - 1st day Tyom 09.10.2016

  • Castings - 1st day Mane Baghdasaryan

    Castings - 1st day Mane Baghdasaryan 09.10.2016

  • Diary

    Diary 20.12.2016



Grigor Aghakhanyan is a famous showman in Armenia, humorist, actor, rap and jazz singer. He has been the host of a great number of international and native TV shows, including “Got Talent”, “SYTYCD”, “SCD”, ect. Meanwhile by first profession he is a dentist.

Grigor was born on 5th March 1968 in Sochi, Ukraine. As a child he moved to Armenia with his family.  
In 1985 he has graduated from the secondary school after A.Chekhov.  
He also took piano lessons for 7 years at the School of Music after Sayat-Nova in Yerevan.  
In 1985 he entered Yerevan State Medical University, the department of dentistry. While studing there he started to take part in humoristic activities within the university.

 Since 1988 he has been working at theatre “Metro” in Yerevan as an actor. He was also one of the founders of this theatre.  
In the beginning of 1990s he has sung in “Asparez” studio in Yerevan and introduced rap music into Armenian music culture.  
Up to 1997 he has also worked at “Yerevan State Song Theatre” (Ergi Petakan Tatron) as a singer. 
During 1998-2000 he has released three series of the album “Top 10 of Rabiz”.  
In 2000 he moved to LA, USA, where he released the forth and the fifth series of the album “Top 10 of Rabiz” and also produced and held a number of musical and humoristic projects. 
Then he started to work at “ARTN-SHANT TV” in America as a host. 
Grigor has released 7 music videos on his own songs.  
In 2009 he returned to Armenia and started to work at Shant TV as a host in a number of TV shows.   
Show Performances

2010 - “Stand Up”

 2012 - “Jean Jan”

2016 – “Plus – Minus” 

Movies (Main character)

1995 - “Mer Baky ” season 1

2015 - “Skotch And Whiskey”

2016 - “Vorogayt”

TV Projests

2008 – “Got Talent”(Taqnvats Taghand)  season 1 – Host

2010 – “SYTYCD” (Parir, Te Karogh Es) season 1 – Host

2011 – “SCD” (Parahandes) season 1 – Host

2011 - “SYTYCD” season 2 - Host

2012 –“SCD” season 2 - Host

2013 - “SYTYCD” season 3 – Host

2013 - “SCD” season 3 – Host

2014 - “SCD” season 4 – Host

2014 - “X Factor” season 3 - Host

2015 - “SCD” season 5 - Host

2016 – “Premiere” season 3 - Host


Garik Papoyan is a well known Armenian humorist, scriptwriter, guitarist, singer, songwriter and music producer. He’s also known for his activity in the sphere of alternative rock music in Armenia. 
     Garik Papoyan was born on 20th September 1984 in Gyumri, Armenia. As a child he moved to Yerevan. In 2001 he graduated from the
secondary school #196. 

In 2010 he graduated from Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) state University, department of Tourism and Advertisement, BA degree.  
In 2007-2010 he was the scriptwriter and also an actor in an Armenian humoristic project “32 Teeth”(32 Atam) in Shant TV.  
In 2009-2010 he was the co-producer and the host of an improvisational TV program “3 Walls” in Armenia TV.  
In 2009-2010 he made his own TV program in Dar 21 TV “Hello Garik” where he was also the Host.  
In 2010 he played as an actor in “Mer Baky 3”(Our yard 3) humoristic soap opera.  
In 2010 Garik joined humoristic Vitamin Production Club, where he was an actor, presenter and scriptwriter. Apart from this, he is the composer of the program’s soundtrack.

At the same period he also made his own adventurous TV program “Harts chka” (No Problem) in Shant TV. He was also involved in the British TV show “Pop Idol” in Armenia (Hay Superstar) in Shant TV as a judge.  
    In 2012 he was the judge of humoristic TV show “Kankhik Humor” (“Cash Humor”) broadcasted on Shant TV.  
In the same year Garik managed a concert dedicated to the memory of Michael Krug in Russia where he arranged the song “Zolotye Kupola” for symphonic orchestra and rock instruments.
Since 2010 Garik Papoyan has been the judge of the British musical TV Program “X Factor” in Armenia during three seasons in Shant TV.  
He was also involved in Armenian TV project “Premiera” as a judge and music producer (Shant TV).  
Currently he’s the host of Armenian TV show “Arena Live” and host and scriptwriter in another Armenian humoristic TV show “Suspicious Evening” (Kaskatseli Ereko) broadcasted on Shant TV.  
In 2014 Armenian singer Aram MP3 presented Armenia in Eurovison song contest with the song “Not alone”, the lyrics of which were written by Garik Papoyan. The song won the fourth place in the contest.  
Garik Papoyan has written lyrics and music for a great number of famous Armenian songs in Armenian and English.

Musical activity

1st album - “Inquam”

Composer of the soundtrack to the Russian movie “ What Do Men Do?” (Что Творят Мужчины) and a video clip to the soundtrack Soundtrack to the Russian movie “Legok Na Pomine”

Music TV Projects

2010 - “X Factor ” season 1- Judge

2011  - “Armenian Pop Idol” (Hay Superstar) season 5 – Judge

2012 - “X Factor ” season 2 – Judge

2013 - “Premiera” season 1 – Judge

2014 - “X Factor” season 3 – Judge

2014 - “Premiera” season 2 - Host

2016- “Premiera ” season 3 – Judge and music producer

2016 - “Arena Live” – Host  

Movies (Main characters)

2014 - “Super Mama”

2015  -“Siro Gortsakits” 



Andrey Hovnanayan – singer Andre was born on July 8th – Stepanakert.
The family has noticed his great interest in music since early ages:
He stared to sing when he was only 3 years old. Andre attended piano lessons
in the musical school after Komitas in stepanakert at the age of 6. Three years later
he wrote his first song “Aghotq” (Prayer) devoted to God. At years of war in Artsakh
Andre performed in the military units of Defense Forces with the youth ensemble
“Artsakhi balikner”.
At the age of 15 he took part in a musical contest called “Janaparh Depi Veratsnund”
(A way to Renaissance) and won the first prize. Some years later Anfre began performing
as a solo singer in “Karabagh” pop-jazz orchestra. They had concerts Armenia and Artsakh.
Apart from singin Andre also worked at the dramatic theatre of Stepanakert as an actor.
From 1998 till 2002 he was a solo singer in the State Song Theatre of Armenia. Since 2002 till nowadays
he works at the State Philharmonia of Armenia as a solo singer. Andre was the first to present the
Republic of Armenia at the Eurovision song contest in 2006.
He has graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, has Master’s and Doctorial degrees of
jazz-vocal department. During his activities Andre won more than 40 awards both in international and Armenian
music competitions and festivals. He released 6 CDs, shot more than 24 clips, had more than 50 concerts in
Armenia and abroad.

He has great investment and participation invarious charity campaigns and events.
In 2006 Andre became the first Armenian singer who presented Armenia in the music contest hold in Athens
with his song “Without Your Love”.
Among 37 participant countries Andre won the 8th place due to which Armenia was involved in top 10.
The clip and song “Without Your Love” kept on succeeding even after Eurovision.
It appeared in the list of Top 10 in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Middle East.


2014 – “Im hogi” (my soul)
2010 - «ANDREnaline»
2008 – “Erjankutyan Gaxtniq” (The Secret of Happiness)
2008 – “Im Sery Qez” (My love to you) (DVD)
2006 - “Hazar angam” (Thousand Times) (1000X)
2006- «Without Your Love», («Arants Qo Siro»), (Single)
2005 – “Miayn Ser” (Only Love)
2005 – “Im Sery Qez” (My love to you) (single)
2003 – “Es em” (It’s me)




Erik is a well known Armenian pop singer.

Erik was born on June 5th in 1988 in Tbilisi. He attended the Russian Secondary school No. 7, also graduated from the Music school No. 21 after G. Tsapadze, the violin department. His first appearance on stage as a singer was at the age of 7. year later he attended the Armenian song and dance ensemble, where he performed as a solo singer and toured with concerts in Georgia and many European countries. 
Erik also attended the Georgian National Folk music ensemble.

In 2001 Erik participated in the musical Festival “Krunk” (“Crane”) in Yerevan and  won in the “Foreign Countries’ Best Performer”nomination. 

After graduating from school in Tbilisi Erik moved to Yerevan and entered the “Jazz-vocal” department of Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas. In 2006 Erik started cooperating with producer and song-writer Zara Petrosyan.

Erik had many concerts in Armenia and abroad and participated in many TV projects, such as  “Two stars”, “10+10”, “Mimino”, “Yerg Yergots”, “Benefis” etc. 

In 2012 Erik was one of the judges of the Armenian jury of the “New Wave” International pop Contest-Festival of young performers.

In 2014-2016 Erik was also a member of the national jury of ESC.

 In 2015 Erik had a great concert in Yerevan with the symphonic orchestra.

In 2016 he started a world tour in the US, Europe, Russia and Post-Soviet countries.




“Du imn es” (You are Mine)++__


“Anirakan” (Unreal)


“Arajin u miak” (One and Only)


“Tvoi sledi” (Your Footprints)




Contest-Festival “Yntsa” (Donative) in Artsakh

First- place honor

Voske Knar” (Golden Lyre) music awards

“Year Revelation” prize


International “Discovery” Music Festival in Bulgaria

First place


Voske Knar” (Golden Lyre) music awards 

Best song of the year for “Du imn es” (You are Mine)


“Top 10” Annual music awards of the Armenian Public Television

Music video of the year for  “La-la-le” music video


“New Wave” International pop Contest-Festival of young performers

  “Audience Sympathy ” prize

National Music Awards

 Singer of the year

 “Style Screen” awards

  The most stylish singer of year

 Dar 21 (Century 21) television channel music awards

Singer of the year

Song of the year for “Anirakan”




“Top 10” Annual music awards of the Armenian Public Television

 The best music video for “Anirakan” (Unreal)

Dar 21 (Century 21) television channel music awards

Singer of the year



World Armenian Entertainment Awards

Song of the year for  "Arajin u miak" (One and only)

Dar 21 (Century 21) television channel music awards

Singer of the year


Yegor Glumov

Gor Grigoryan is a famous Armenian showman, experienced radio host and advertisement manager.

Gor Grigoryan was born on 5th December 1973 in Yerevan. In 1990 he has graduated from the secondary school after Belinski.  
In 1995 he has graduated from The National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. 

Then he served two years in the Armenian Armed forces and got a Major.

Since 2001 he has been working at one of the best Armenian Radio channels – Radio Van, as a host and director of creative department.

In 2003 Gor has won the nomination of the best radio host in the annual National Musical Awards of Armenia.

From 2001 to 2013 he has won 11 awards in different nominations as a radio host (The best masculine voice; The best radio host; An innovative approach to radio journalism, etc.). 
All in all he has 140 awards in the sphere of advertisement. 

Currently he’s the host and the producer of a cheering morning program in Radio Van which is called “Glumov’s Morning” (“Glumovo Utro”)


TV Projects

2005- Armenian “Pop Idol” (Hay Superstar) season 1- judge.

2007 – Armenian “Pop Idol” season 2 – judge

2009 - Armenian “Pop Idol” season 4 - judge

2010 - “X Factor ” season 1- Judge

2012 - “X Factor ” season 2 – Judge  
2013 – “Just The Two of Us” (Duet)  season 1 - Host  
2014 - “X Factor” season 3 – Judge  
2000-2015 – “Van Music Awards” - Host